The DATACOM™ Difference

Economic uncertainty might seem to dominate headlines these days, but it’s really nothing new. If you think back over the past several years, or even decades, you will likely be hard-pressed to recall a time when new system sales, maintenance contract penetration and customer attrition weren’t paramount concerns. For DATACOM Select Dealers™, the past several years show a very different trend – record growth where it really counts – in the creation of loyal customers. 60 - 85% of annual move, add, change and service revenue is generated by loyal customers. Maintenance contract customers are loyal customers. DATACOM Select Dealers™ enjoy a 60+% maintenance contract penetration of new customers. If your performance falls short of those levels, call us. It could easily be the best 45 minutes you spend on the phone.

The Bronze Warranty™ program empowers technology solution providers with an array of powerful tools that distinguish them in an overly-competitive marketplace. Higher closing ratios mean more new system sales, but this is merely a precursor to the core benefit of the program. The true power of the Bronze Warranty™ comes into play as your customer base becomes both larger, and more loyal, through increased maintenance contract sales.

DATACOM Warranty Corporation stands ready to partner with you as a Select Dealer™, with hands-on training and support throughout the entire process, from program implementation and rollout to ongoing sales support.

If you’re ready to join the elite nationwide community of DATACOM Select Dealers™, call us toll-free at 800.641.1026 or complete this short contact form and a member of our team will be in touch soon to show you how the DATACOM Bronze Warranty™ can help grow your business, no matter what the future has in store. Go ahead. Be different.