About DATACOM Warranty Corporation


DATACOM Warranty Corporation was founded by Rusty Bryan in 1988. During the next four years, Rusty and his team worked closely with a leading actuarial firm and program underwriters to develop the DATACOM Bronze Warranty™ - the telecom industry’s first and best hardware warranty.

Since writing our first warranty contract in 1992, DATACOM Warranty Corporation has grown to become the leading provider of brand-independent telecommunications hardware warranties to more than one million desktops across the United States and beyond. In the last 2 years we have expanded our strategic programs to include top system integrators in the security, surveillance, fire control and parking control markets. The DATACOM Select Dealer™ network spans a diverse collection of independent interconnects and systems integrators.

Management Team

Rusty Bryan

Rusty Bryan | Founder

Founder Rusty Bryan serves as head of DATACOM’s executive team at its headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia.