Rusty Bryan


Rusty Bryan started his career in the telecommunications industry in 1980 when we joined Executone of Alabama, an independent Executone distributor located in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1985, Rusty moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he accepted a sales position working with an automobile warranty company.

Because Rusty’s work heavily involved the automobile industry, he took notice of Chrysler’s dire financial condition in the early 1980’s and specifically, Lee Iacocca’s unique plan to turn it around. Chrysler began marketing vehicles with a 5 Year / 50,000 Mile power train warranty at a time when competitors only offered 1 Year / 12,000 Mile coverage. Lee Iacocca dared to be different – and much of Chrysler’s subsequent success (even paying back government loans early) has been attributed to this radical change in policy.

Rusty sought to return to the telecommunications industry by merging his experience in the telecom and auto warranty fields into a radically new concept – a third-party warranty product for business telecommunications systems. In 1988, Rusty began working with an actuarial firm and, after a few years of number crunching, DATACOM Warranty Corporation and the Bronze Warranty™ were born.

DATACOM Warranty Corporation wrote its first warranty in 1992, and since that time the company’s focus has evolved from simple hardware coverage to a robust program that incorporates strategic marketing, implementation and ongoing support. It’s more than just a warranty – the Bronze Warranty™ is peace of mind for the end user and an incredible differentiation tool for the telecommunications solution provider.