Increase Sales and Profits


When introducing any new sales and marketing program into your organization, it’s probably safe to say that increasing both sales and profits is a primary objective. The DATACOM Bronze Warranty™ accomplishes this in a number of ways.

Create A Competitive Advantage

Save the catchy taglines and flashy presentations for your marketing team. To truly stand out (and win) in a crowd of competitors, you need to have real substance to back up your claims.

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Deliver More Value To Your Customers

Regardless of the state of the economy, your customers demand the best return for every dollar they invest in telecommunications hardware. The Bronze Warranty™ is at the center of the strongest value proposition in the industry.

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Increase Maintenance Contract Penetration

The DATACOM Bronze Warranty™, when properly positioned as part of a total solution, will increase maintenance contract penetration by 200%. We guarantee it.*

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